Richards Stanisich is an interior design and architecture practice based in Sydney. We take on projects across retail, residential, hospitality and commercial sectors.

Our intention is simple: we want to create spaces that make you feel something.

We believe every project is an opportunity to build on existing ideas and rethink new possibilities. We do this with intention and integrity—without compromising on craft and beauty.

When you work with us you receive large-firm experience whilst being guaranteed the dedication of a boutique firm. Design directors Jonathan Richards and Kirsten Stanisich are hands-on across the life of a project. In the spirit of genuine collaboration, you receive complete access to their creative passion, technical know-how, industry connections, and supplier relationships.

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Richards Stanisich was founded by Jonathan Richards and Kirsten Stanisich.

Jonathan and Kirsten have worked together for decades.

Qualified in interior design and architecture, they have worked on projects big and small, across many sectors. 


Kirsten Stanisich


“It’s about looking deeper – sometimes it’s the ugly things that are the most beautiful”.

Kirsten embraces simplicity. Quietly confident, she sees things that others don’t. Inspired by the intersections between art, life and design, she crafts rhythmic and materially expressive spacesones that people talk about and remember. Kirsten listens to what you want. Her hands-on approach, means that she enjoys being on-site and working directly with contractors to ensure your project is progressing according to plan. She makes the design process stress-free.

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Jonathan Richards


“I love working with people who have big aspirations. Set your sights high, make your moral compass true, and ensure your passions are genuineyou will then attract the same in return.”

Jonathan has high standards. Honest and not afraid to speak his mind, he challenges preconceptions with the intention of staying true to great design. Jonathan enjoys illustrating his ideas by hand. His hand sketches give him the freedom to visually communicate and refine ideas with you immediately. Jonathan is mindful that even aesthetically beautiful features must be practical and economical. Above all, Jonathan is relentless in his pursuit of elegant, refined results.

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Georgia Harvey


Georgia puts her best into everything. She is always seeking new possibilities and stays up-to-date with the latest technologies and best practice. Georgia brings her experience of large scale commercial projects to hospitality, residential and boutique commercial projects. Her innate sense of style, appreciation for the aesthetic and unwavering determination, means Georgia always gets the job done at the highest standard. 


Roanna Manlutac


Registered Architect Roanna brings architectural rigour to her practice, with significant experience in luxury residential projects, both in architecture as well as interiors. This gives her a comprehensive and holistic view that finds expression in clear planning, considered use of scale and skilful employment of materials — qualities that equip Roanna well for residential, as well as commercial and hospitality projects at the highest standard. 


Sam Darvill


Sam sees core human needs as the very basis of design and architecture. With experience in Australia and in Germany, he now brings his focus to residential design. Close attention to materiality, proportion and detailing, always finely tuned to the user and the environment, gives Sam a sensitive and robust perspective of projects.

Yvette Dunn


A fine arts and object design background have nurtured an intuitive understanding of materiality in Yvette. Her interest in installation art is often exercised when creating experiences through design within large-scale commercial and hospitality projects. These experiences are approached as a collective vision, with Yvette’s strong investment into and focus on collaborative relationships.


At Richards Stanisich, we’re driven by the ‘inside out’.

Put simply, this means we look beyond the inside space and take cues from the building, history, people, and natural environment. This leads to spaces that are crafted with integrity and intention.

We believe in doing things well. No short-cuts, novelty solutions, or rushed decisions. We also know that things don’t always go to plan. That’s why we frequently go on-site to resolve any issues with contractors and to ensure the building process goes smoothly.

Regardless of size, we treat every project with the respect it deserves.

And above all, we prioritise the people we work with; it’s this mutual respect and natural rapport that keeps clients coming back again—and again.

All our projects begin with a conversation.

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